Photography, the art of creating durable images by recording light, provides the artist with an infinite number of choices regarding the creation of a final product. That’s where I come in! With a strong understanding of color, printing and adobe software, I can help you elevate your work. Whether that’s basic color correction and image optimization, extensive beauty retouching, accurate print reproduction, culling photos or designing unique composites/albums, you can count on me! My services are broad so please contact me for a consultation. All pricing is determined on a sliding scale. 

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A colorist is “an artist or designer who uses color in a special or skillful way.” Color is my specialty and in combination with various post processing techniques I can elevate your photos. The best part…I’m not a computer system relying on algorithms so I can revise my methods to achieve your unique style. Concerned about the ethics associated with post processing? Don’t worry, I worked at the White House! While there images I processed were constantly critiqued so I understand the limitations on the editing process and can ensure that your photos remain truthful.


Have you ever looked at an image and thought, “This photo is ALMOST perfect?” The reality is, as photographers we are unable to control every aspect in the situation; natural light, stray hairs, how a models skin looks, or the unexpected photo bomb. There will always be unforeseen factors. All you can do, is make the best image possible….and then have me fix it afterwards!  Composites, photo restoration, portrait retouching or background clean up; don’t let uncontrollable factors stop you from achieving the perfect photo.

Fine Art Photo Printing

With our current access to art via technology (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, websites, etc), photos tend to only live in a digital system. For the general consumer, they quickly press print on their color printer and accept the resulting low quality product. Professionals tend to guess, making minor adjustments until they determine the resulting product is “good enough”. I do not believe in guessing. With a strongly developed color management workflow, I eliminate “good enough” and instead achieve matching prints on/off screen. Read more about my printing services here


Culling photos is crucial to every photographers success. Including too few/many images in an edit can inhibit your message or result in clients feeling gypped/overwhelmed. Seems like an easy task, right? Wrong! Due to every artists attachment to their work (myself included) this task usually becomes not so simple. Let me be your second set of eyes to ensure you are selecting only the best for your edit.


Looking for a unique way to display your images or story? Want to create something special? Designing image collages, albums or portfolios provide you with the ability to really WOW your audience. The combination of my color correction, printing, editing and design skills enable me to assist you with your project. Not to mention, I’ve had some pretty amazing book experience… more information on that later!