Importing Photos from Computer or Hard Drive into Adobe Lightroom

September 26, 2017 Blog, Lightroom
Import Photos from Computer or External Drive into Adobe Lightroom Cover

Importing Photos from Computer or Hard Drive into Adobe Lightroom

Breaking old habits and building new ones is a struggle. You debate whether the outcome is worth the hassle of constant errors and frustration. For some, transitioning to Adobe Lightroom is one of these. Years of utilizing PhotoMechanic to caption, keyword, rename and rate perceived as a waste. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case. You can have your cake and eat it too.

For this post, I’ve chosen to ingest (rename, caption, keyword, and rate) my photos with PhotoMechanic. The folder is currently located on my Desktop so I’ll import it into my Lightroom catalog. The photos will then be searchable in the digital archive.

How to Import Photos from Computer or Drive:

  1. Open Adobe Lightroom CC.
  2. Click the Import button in the lower lefthand corner of the Library window.
  3. Select the Source (folder/files) you wish to import from the left panel.
  4. Choose to Add or Move the Folder/Files (top center menu).
    a. Add – Tells Lightroom to reference the files in their current location (on your computer or external hard drive) without moving or copying them. Select if you want to import without changing the files location.

    How to Add photos while importing from computer or drive to your Lightroom Catalog
    b. Move – Moves the files from their current destination to a new one. This option will delete the files/folder from the original location. If moving your files, you will need to select a new destination for them.
    How to move photos while importing from computer or drive to your Lightroom Catalog
  5. Rename files and Apply MetaData if necessary.
    This step was already completed while importing through PhotoMechanic so I can ignore these settings this time around. If you have not applied file naming and metadata presets, do that now. 
  6. Click the Import button in the lower right hand corner. Tada! Your photos are now included in your digital library.

Note: PhotoMechanic’s preferences (specifically color classes/labels) need to be set up properly to communicate with Adobe Lightroom. The ratings will not reflect unless correctly specified.

Read “Complete guide to Importing Photos from Camera with Adobe Lightroom” for a more detailed description of Adobe Lightroom and the import process.

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