In Transit | Photo Exhibit to Raise Money for Refugees

In Transit | Photo Exhibit to Raise Money for Refugees

How do you (or did you) imagine celebrating your 30th birthday? For Anna Ruch the obvious answer was to throw a party, but not just any party.

Anna Ruch Photography - In Transit Exhibit


Early 2016, I remember sitting with Anna and our friend Kelly Jo in the White House Photo Office. While taking a break from the work that flooded our plates, we began discussing future plans for the flexibility that awaited us in February of 2017. At the time I was determined to have landed my next job and be diving into new career ventures but Anna, without any hesitation, stated; “I’ll go to Greece and help with the refugee crisis”; which is exactly what she did.

In March 2017, Anna flew to Greece where she spent a month documenting people in transit through Greece from North Africa and the Middle East. While there she not only recorded the lives of refugees but immersed herself in their stories. Upon her return to the United states she aimed to continue helping refugees but was unsure of the most effective way to do this. With less than two months left before her 30th birthday the idea hit her; a photo exhibit to raise money for the organizations she volunteered for.

The Organizations:

The Home Project is based in Athens and their small team runs 5 shelters for unaccompanied minors in the city.
Echo 100 Plus is an Austrian nonprofit working in Ritsona Camp north of Athens and on the island of Leros. They are one of the first reception points for refugees making the harrowing journey across the Agean sea from Turkey.

On September 30, 2017 at AG Artillery Gallery in San Francisco, Anna threw her birthday party photo exhibit bash. Between donations as well as ticket and print sales the event raised $3710 which has been donated to The Home Project and Echo 100 Plus. The donations will support a variety of programs and supplies: A 200 Euro donation to The Home Project covers the cost of school supplies for 10 kids for one year, 1000 Euro covers the salary of a psychologist for a shelter for a month, and 60 Euro can provide all the meals for one child in a shelter for 30 days. For Echo, 30 Euro provides women’s clothing and shoes, 25 covers children’s clothing and shoes, and 20 covers a baby care package. Next week Anna will be returning to Greece to continue this work so follow her on Instagram for updates.

Thank you Anna for letting me color correct and print your photos. It was amazing to be a part of this special event! 


Interested in donating?

Check out both organizations at the above links to donate directly to their cause. If interested in purchasing a photo print, please contact me via email or comment below! All print proceeds will be donated to The Home Project and Echo 100 Plus.

For more information, please visit:

The Home Project | Echo 100 Plus | Anna Ruch Photography | Anna Ruch InstagramIn Transit Event

1 thought on “In Transit | Photo Exhibit to Raise Money for Refugees

  1. Sarah Truman says:

    What a great use of Anna’s talent! I can’t imagine being a child and leaving your home, many times unaccompanied by an adult.. refugees are living in a real-life nightmare.


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