Hi! I’m Shelby

When I was eleven, my family went away for the summer to sail the Chesapeake Bay. While anchored out in Annapolis Harbor on my grandparents boat, we ventured into the old part of the city. I walked out of a local shop as it started to rain and saw this lone person, strolling down the street. The mood spoke to me so I snapped a photo with my Kodak disposable camera and that was it; I’d found my calling.

In 2012, I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Photography. I landed my first job as a Technical Sales Associate with The Imaging Source, LLC. Later that year, Pete Souza offered me the opportunity of a lifetime, to join his Photo Office team as the Digital Imaging Specialist. So I was off to start my life in Washington, DC at the Obama White House. 

While at the White House I managed image post production, established an in-house printing lab, and served as a photo editor. I also helped lead the creation of various special projects, oversaw third party printing and assisted with maintaining a database of approximately 4 million photos. 

Following my time with the Obama administration, I was convinced to take a bit of time off. So my boyfriend Marshall and I packed all our belongings into a storage unit in VA, proceeding to hit the road for five weeks with no agenda. Highlights (to name a few): Atlanta Tex-Mex, Truth or Consequences, Dan’s Grub Shack, Airbnb in Kensington, and Apache pass road. The experience was liberating and determined that my next step was to start freelancing full time.

In my mind, 2017 was a huge success. I’ve offered color correction, photo editing and printing services to photographers. Preparing files for  “Obama: An Intimate Portrait” by Pete Souza and “Chasing Light: Michelle Obama Through the Lens of a White House Photographer” by Amanda Lucidon are two of my greatest accomplishments. In 2018 I’ll continue to help photographers and companies produce quality work; as well as pursue my own creative ventures. Follow along to be apart of this next chapter.  

I’m currently located in Asheville, NC with Marshall and our cat Darcy. 

Get in touch to collaborate on a project, discuss my services and pricing, chat about my trip or say hello!